We continue to work following the traditional techniques of growing and harvesting which are passed on through generations but we also keep up with the times by using renewable energy resources and modern processing facilities. We have a continuous cold pressing cycle that allows the extraction of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality. We also offer a good customer service thanks to a qualified and polite staff that is able to satisfy all customer requirements.
Our attention to quality is evident in every stage of production from harvesting and transporting the fruit to oil extraction.

1st Step

prima-fase The olives are hand- picked as in the past. They are brought immediately to the mill and squeezed  within the following 24 hours to keep their freshness and avoid altering the flavour.











2nd Step

Seconda fase When the olives arrive at the mill they are carried to a washer-defoliator where they are washed to remove dirt and soil and subsequently defoliated to remove leaves and twigs.  In the process of extracting oil from olives, it is very important to clean them properly  to eliminate dry leaf taste and  improve oil taste.






3rd Step

terza fase Once cleaned, the olives are transformed into olive paste.  This phase of the processing is called frangitura: the olives are cold pressed using big granite millstones  for 20 - 30 minutes and crushed into a thick paste.







4th Step

quarta fase The olive  paste is mixed for 30-40 minutes  in a stainless steel kneading machine. This helps the oil particles to join together and separate from the water.







5th Step

quinta-fase_0 At this point the olives are ready to pass to the stage of oil extraction. Thepaste is pumped into a decanter where the oil is separated from water and from the solid part of the olive paste.


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